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Company Profile

Established since 2006 with capital amount 10 million Baht First, we operated to support our main printing business and our internal

customers (Nation Group) that very critical on time delivery. Second, we invested more and more to build our transportation network.

To meet our service level both internal and external customer. Finally, we are ready to service other business; as at today we served

more than 50 companies with 24X7 operation covered nationwide services.
We are                :  700 peoples
                          :  A fleet of 20 six-wheeled line haulers
                          :  80 vans and pick up trucks
                         :  400 motorcycles


Our continued growth and success is due to customer satisfaction and an excellent tram of staff and drivers


  • Develop work practice to reduce cost of customer with quality of logistics provider.
  • Develop Management and Information system to be fast, accurate, up to date and convenience for all customers.
  • Develop and pro-active on the readiness of man power, fleets, equipment included IT and management to serve customer as prime services.




Board of Director  : 

1. Mr. Thanachai Theerapattanavong
2. Mr. Suthichai Yoon
3. Mr. Thanachai Santichaikul
4. Mr. Adisak Sapimon
5. Mrs. Methinee Thanavongvibool
6. Mrs. Warangkana Kalayanapradit